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Insulating Your Water Heater

one of our Flower Mound plumbing techs is adding insulation to a water heaterWhen it's cold outside, and you want to keep warm you put on a sweater to keep your body warmth in. Why not do the same thing for your water heater! While this may sound like a strange thing to do, water heaters suffer radiant heat loss much in the same way that we do. Our Flower Mound plumbing team has found that by purchasing an insulated cover for your water heater you can reduce radiant heat loss by 25-40%. This will keep the water in your tank warmer longer and reduce the amount of time that your heating element or gas burner is running, saving you cash. A recent EPA study found that 13-20% of utility costs in an average home go to water heating. A simple sleeve that costs under $30 could easily pay for itself in less than a year.

Our Flower Mound plumbing team can help you find the right insulated sleeve for your water heater and get it installed properly. This is a crucial step because a poorly installed insulated sleeve can make it hard to adjust the temperature of the water heater and can also be a significant fire hazard.

Reduce Your Hot Water Use In Flower Mound

While insulating your tank is a great start, the real savings can be found in insulating the hot-water pipes that run from the tank to the faucets. Radiant heat loss isn't exclusive to the water heater tank - it happens in the pipes as well. Insulating the pipes can keep the water at the same temperature when it leaves the spigot as it was when it first left the tank. This can allow you to turn your water heater thermostat down to 120 degrees. Considering most water heaters are factory set at 140 degrees, this is a 20 degree reduction in heating. With an estimated 3-5% savings for every 10 degrees you lower your water heater temperature, this could be another 10% off your water-heating bill. Most home-improvement stores carry DIY pipe insulation that slips over the pipes with little effort. There is no need for special adhesives, tapes or clamps. This is a very friendly DIY project that can be done in a single day.

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For more information on insulating your water heater and hot-water pipes, call our Flower Mound plumbing professionals today. We've been proudly serving Flower Mound and the surrounding area for over 10 years.